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What is the time line on Scouting materials? Is there any need to continue to keep old training materials, books, copies, posters ?  Some going back 30 years  (why have we kept them this long)?


 Any one interested in a copy of an original "Cornerstone" Boy Scout leader training? :)

 There materials for all levels from Tiger through Wood Badge.


Next step is recycling if there is no need for them.  Scouter and Boys Life mags are tied up ready to go.

Patches and trinkets are in the process of finding homes.


Thanks for feedback.

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I don't think you're going to find an official answer, like keeping business records for 7 years or anything like like.  I suppose the question is are they relevant?  outdated? superseded?  


On the other hand, there are some materials out there, like the earlier editions of the Scoutmaster Handbook and Patrol Leader Handbook that are really timeless, and in many ways better than the current versions.  


You might find someone on ebay looking for the old magazines.   

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Thank you for your replies,

    Magazines, not old enough to be of historical value. Some articles might be worth cutting out but with so much now accessible online no one want to go to the work. 

    The other materials are course syllabuses from the 80's and 90's. Again so much has changed/updated and available on line that I haven't found anyone interested.

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Apparently patch trading is a big deal. They've been talking about it at our Jamboree preparation meetings. If you have patches that you are going to get rid of, you might contact your local council and see if there are any Jamboree participants who would like to take them for trading.

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