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Hi all! I started my career as a Cub Scout back in the late 80's when I joined as a Wolf/Bear(can't remember) I went on to become an Eagle at 16. I worked at summer camp for many years and even met my wife there. While a Boy Scout I went to Philmont, The 94 Nat. Jambo. and even went to Europe for 2 weeks with my troop plus countless other trips around the U.S. I became my sons Tiger Leader the instant he was born 11 years ago, and next week he is crossing over. My wife and I have already submitted our apps. to be on the Troop Committee. I look forward to interacting with everyone.

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Yeah, RivetSmasher,  I keep telling these ol' boys and girls that fire is not a good thing around electronics.  A virtual crackerbarrel is much better.  The cheese and crackers are even more lo-cal that way. 


I bet you have some good stories to tell.   We'll see you on the trail... 

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