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I've lurked for a while, and commented on some threads, so I thought I should introduce myself! I have two sons, a 5 yo and a 9 yo. We live in a small town in New England.

My 9 y/o is a AOL Cub, and my 5 y/o is a Lion. I'm the Lion den leader. I've lurked long enough to know the Lion program isn't popular here, but he's loved it! ;).

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That is all that is required, that the Scout love the program.   You (metaphorical "you", I trust there are more of "you"  out there in New England) are therefore doing something right.  

As you may have gleaned from these pages,  we feel the Happy Scout is the one who will continue in Scouting, that that is the ultimate standard of the program.   Who wants to play " the game" (no matter WHAT it's purpose), if it is not FUN ?


Oh, and welcome to our virtual Cracker Barrel !    Have some chili dip over here....


And my mom was from Brookline, MA....


Bearess:   Why do you think  ""the Lion program isn't popular here"" ?    It has had a nice welcoming here in the Wash DC area....

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Greetings and salutations from a fellow New Englander, Unit Commissioner Wannalancit District, Daniel Webster Council, NH.  I wish you all the best and hope you get lots of information from this virtual campfire,

Grab a cuppa, warm up next to the glow and have fun!

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I think bearess is in the situation we face in our council.  Only one Pack opted for Lions and the jury is still out on it's success/failure situation.  Not really much choice for parents of kindergarten kids in this area.

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