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Fifty Ways to Lure a Leader

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In another thread about Lightening Leader Loads and (essentially) asking "Pack Meetings?  How is this still a Thing?", SSScout noted some issues in recruiting help, which is right on point with an RT presentation I'm making tonight.


Fifty Ways to Lure a Leader (apologies to Paul Simon)

There must be fifty ways
To lure a leader

You ask the whole Pack, Jack
Every woman and man, Stan
You don't need to be coy, Roy
Not just one, two or three …
Every new one’s a plus, Gus
At Pack meetings, don’t discuss much
Do a â€one on one†plea, Lee
Every new leader is key


I've attached the piece below, but it stems from a page I have called "Nuts and Bolts of Leader Organizing and Recruiting", which is a sub-topic of "Recruiting Leaders -- Turning Parents into Helpers, and Helpers into Leaders".  


Lots of resources there, but I've attached a pdf of the Fifty Ways to Lure a Leader piece here too.   


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