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Did not realize Honorary positions were not automatic in most cases.

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Section 9.

Honorary President and Vice Presidents

Clause 1. The President of the United States may, during term of

office, be elected to be the Honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America. In addition, living former Presidents of the United States

and other citizens who have rendered distinguished service to our

country through work for young people may be elected to be honorary

vice presidents. Such election shall be by the Executive Board

upon the recommendation of the Nominating Committee for such

terms as the Executive Board shall specify.

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I suspect that even though it is not "automatic" in the charter, it is done with little or no discussion, and is simply placed on the agenda of the next Executive Board meeting and basically rubber-stamped.  That would be for the President of the U.S. and living former Presidents.  Obviously "other distinguished citizens" require some discussion.

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Interesting, yet the recent Boys' Life lists the Honorary President of the BSA as President Trump. Alternative facts? :unsure:

Maybe they already voted.  After all, a number of DES recipients are up for office or already approved.

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I am not running for President of the United States, and I would decline the nomination if offered.


I would only consider the position if the Boy Scouts of America agreed to provide me with a uniform reflecting my position as Honorary President.  (However, I would insist that they make a position patch that reads "President of the United States."  Technically, my position in the BSA would be honorary president, but I'm afraid the press would have a field day if I was wearing a uniform that said "Honorary President.")  A special neckerchief would be nice, but that's not absolutely necessary.


Those are my demands.  If the BSA refuses, then I will refuse to serve.


I'll forego a pension, as long as they're OK with me selling the "President of the United States" patches on eBay.

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