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Transgender policy change

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What I meant was that the "1%" are NOT being marginalized.  That's why you don't have to worry about it.  


Really? Have you visited a college campus?


Anytime a group seeks to exclude another, they are being marginalized.

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As a minister I spent a lot of time visiting in nursing homes and I felt it horrible that they drugged some of these people into a stupor "so they wouldn't have to deal with them."    Well, when I became guardian for my father before his death, it became quickly apparent that for his safety and the safety of everyone around, he was either going to be drugged into a stupor or confined to isolation.  I chose the drugs. 


According to the World Health Organization, 25% of Americans suffer due to mental illness, be it depression, suicide, addiction, or whatever.  Only about 20% of them receive treatment due to social stigmatic attitudes.  The trendy issue of transgenderism has made the once defined disorder as the new norm and everything is a brave new world.  


Not everyone agrees. 




As with any asylum, it's often difficult to tell the patients from the staff.  But like any other medical issue, without appropriate treatment it may go away or it may not.  Are we just supposed to wait it out or encourage it?  Kinda hard to tell at times.

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