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Can Senior Patrol Leaders Run Twice?

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On 1/17/2017 at 8:56 PM, Jarmfam said:

Hello! I am a Scout Master for Troop 18, but have one question. Can Senior Patrol Leaders re-run? If they can't is there some Scout book that states it? Thanks!

Yes...and I would encourage it if he's really good. 

I would advise you to also identify other guys who could under-study him should he get re-elected.

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16 hours ago, Stosh said:

With only 2 patrols, that's not much of a job for an SPL.  If the two PL's needed to discuss anything they could do it over the phone.

Personally, I believe some small Troops do. We do not have many adult leaders (SM, 1 ASM, CC, 2 or 3 committee members). But the committee members only fill in when needed and aren’t as active. 

I help with administrative stuff as SPL. For us, it’s more of a general administrative / oversee lead, but the PLC still meets and makes meeting plans & all that. 

All of our volunteers work on-Call jobs so sometimes they can not even come due to work. That’s why we have a SPL, so the other parents/volunteers don’t have to worry since they will have me (current SPL) to be able to instruct both patrols on what to do and oversee.

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I have no problem with the SPL functioning as an JASM, but if they interfere with the Pls running the patrols that's a whole different story.  As a PL support person that's great.  Help the APLs be an asset to the patrol.

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