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Some "Bobcat" Adventure Plans

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Let me split this idea off the “Improve the Cub Scout Program†thread.  With the note about the Cub Scout advancement modifications released 11/30/16, and the general concerns circling around that announcement about Cub Scout advancement, I thought that on this first day (after) Christmas I’d circulate something that might be useful next year to help dens get going, and get advancement off to a better start.


One idea is something missing from the den leader guides … some adventure plans for getting the Bobcat Rank.  (Yeah, while maybe late for this year, call this “early†for next year.)  Those Adventure Plans are at a page called “Getting Started: Plans for First Meetings + Bobcat Rankâ€.


See http://www.southfultonscouting.com/node/3405


This builds off the idea that a key way to ‘hook’ new families into Cub Scouting is to have the boy earn that first Advancement award and be recognized.  So these two Bobcat/First Meeting Adventure Plans are offered to help Dens get going, since (1) every Tiger Den has got to get Bobcat done, and (2) lots of dens get started with new kids who need Bobcat (and a refresher would be good for the returning Scouts). 


If you like the ideas, share it with your friends.  If you don’t, consider this idle campfire chatter and ignore it!  Or give some feedback to make this better and work on improving the Cub Scouting program. 

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