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weird patrol names

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Our Scouts love the red berets, we use them for the color guard. 

HEY!  What's weird about Narwhals?  Just because they're marine mammals?  

Best so far: the Hey Chris patrol. They never came up with a patch or yell, but that wasn't the point.   At the time, it was both SPL and ASPL's first name. Thus regardless of who was presiding at r

Oh yes, an SPL accused a patrol of being such bad cooks that they could "burn water."  Burnt Water Patrol


We had a Scout burn water.  He was actually boiling a pan of water on a stove (a real electric burner stove - winter camping in a cabin) and didn't pay attention enough to realize that he had removed some saran wrap from something, laid it out over the burner, and didn't take it off the burner when he put the pot of water on. 


He was possibly the most scatterbrained cook our Troop ever had (and his father, a professional firefighter, was a very good firehouse cook).  He once made blueberry pancakes that came out all green.  He didn't drain the blueberries - just dumped them, juice and all, in to the batter.   No one in his patrol wanted to eat them - so some of us more senior Scouts gave up our breakfasts to his patrol and ate the pancakes - and darn it if they didn't taste pretty darn good.

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We had the Flaming Ice Cubes long ago (1990s). They had a patch done up which, I would swear, was "borrowed" by some patch supplier and later resold. Not sure who came up with the name first, but I am willing to bet it was not the company making money off the patch. ;)



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