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In my school, I took flack for ...

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So I'm spinning off that "Big Question" thread about some BoR using a "trick question" about wearing your uniform in school. Seems that it was isolated to one unit, and most of us agree that it was a good thing that other BoRs didn't use it.


Anyway the discussion turned to taking flack for wearing your uniform, something I never had a problem with, but others had. Well, thinking about it, there were some things I did take flack for:


Being friends with the new kid, who couldn't keep his skin clean.

Striking up a conversation with the "dumb girl".

Having the audacity to try out for stage band freshman year.

Being kind to that cheerleader who everyone knew was sleeping around.


Wearing a uniform one day a year was hardly going to get me in any more trouble with people who wanted to dish it out.

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Asking the first girl who developed breasts in 6th grade to be my girl friend. She was a beautiful girl but as an early developer got brutally treated by the other flat chested girls.

Being friends with the gay kids (1970's)

Being friends with the gang kids

Being friends with the cuban kids

Being the last kid in school to have a crew cut

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In high school, I developed the ability to fly under the radar.  Never got bullied, but it was 4 years of my life I would never want to repeat.


Never dated until my senior year when my dad paid me $50 to "take a girl to prom".

Sat second chair in all musical groups.

Joined a lot of clubs, especially the dorky ones like French and Latin....

Was a trainer for the basketball team, never played the game.

Could outrun every member of the cross-country team except one, but never joined the team.

Friends with everyone in the special education group and many of those in the not-popular, but nice, group

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I floated between a lot of groups in HS; I found the gangster friends backed me up more in a pinch than the 'A+ kids'. 

We didn't have gangsters so much as camps ... primarily Chevy vs Ford. :confused:  But, yeah, the kids from the rough part of town were golden.


It hit me at a class reunion when one fella (more into athletics as a kid) said "You were so unapproachable back then."

Broke my heart that anyone would think that.

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We had a kind of greasers vs surfer thing going...my HS was a quick walk to the beach. At my reunion people kept telling me how smart I was which would have been good to hear at the time...had to wait 35 years for positive feedback?


I hated it when some girls asked me why I never asked them out (always chasing the unattainable and noticing the one next door).

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I was always the new kid in school. I was also the risk taker. 


Jr. High was challenging. I only had a couple of friends. I was always getting picked on for something or another. I was never one to back down from a confrontation and ended up with more than my fair share of bloody noses. 


Once I got to High School and joined the wrestling team I stopped getting picked on. In High School I bounced around social groups. I would eat lunch one day with my wrestling team buddies, the next with the geeks that no one would talk to. Had good friends with some punks (the spikey haired type). I always made it a point to befriend those whom others avoided. I still do in a way. 

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My son gets the "You're just showing out" Bragging. 

6th grade though, so I am sure that will change before 9th grade.



I was a floater in school, had many friends on the A list and some on the C list.  I was an athlete by nature and a typical "Steve Stiffler" from American Pie. 


I always thought things through before doing them, especially if it was something that I could get in trouble for.  Never snuck out because I knew I'd get caught!  I was the typical class clown and breezed through with C's

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Wasn't that long ago.


I got alot of flack in elementary school and junior high. Appearance, being short, glasses. The usual. It all ended freshman year of high school when I judo threw a guy that was pushing me around in the hallway before class. I don't advocate violence, but in that case it certainly worked.


I was in Scouts, Band and played soccer. I got decent grades (3.4 gpa.) I was average in most things. I wasn't gifted academically or physically, but I wasn't the worst of the worse.


Fun times...

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I have an uncanny ability to put things like that out of my mind.  My whole life I have never been able to on the spot answer questions like "what was your most embarrassing moment?".  I think I just naturally "let things go" after a while.


I was never the coolest kid, never the "best looking", always shy and uncomfortable in most situations so surely I was picked on plenty, but I just don't recall.  I grew up a Coast Guard brat so we moved around a bit.  I was often the "new kid", so maybe that helped me learn to fly under the radar.


Slacked off in Jr and High School as much as I could get away with.  Changed my ways in college and now that I'm spending a few minutes thinking about it, I remember catching it a bit for being studious or bookish..... one guy used to call me "Schools".  He thought he was so cool, but it never really bothered me that much

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