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Hello from the Midwest...

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Greetings all! I've been lurking around for quite a while now and finally broke down and registered in the forum.


After about eight months of OJT as the Assistant Cubmaster, I've just recently taken over as our Pack's Cubmaster. I've got one son who's a Webelo 1, another who's a Wolf and, I suspect the real reason I was asked to be Cubmaster, a third son who's still at least two years away from becoming a Lion. If I don't screw things up too terribly the Pack could have me around for longer than our average Cubmaster.


As a youth I was an active Cub Scout and Boy Scout in the southern Chicago suburbs and even spent a couple of short turns as an Assistant Scoutmaster in North Florida in the late 80's and again in Central Illinois in the early 90's. And then, you know... life happened.


So now I'm a WonderBoy. Wondering about how much Scouting has changed in those intervening years, wondering how I got myself talked into this and wondering if I can manage to leave (whenever that may be) our Pack in at least as good of shape as I received it.




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Wonderboy:   Welcome to the virtual crackerbarrel...  If you ask any ten Scouters their opinion here, you are sure to get eleven good ideas.


Always remember the Cub Leader Mantra:   KISMIF< KISMIF< KISMIF ...   Keep it simple, make it fun!

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