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Avatar upload not working

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I also can not get an avatar to upload. Spins and spins. 


Is there a fix for this?


Try the solution here. You need to resize your image to 100x100 and then save as a .png file. Should be able to us the Paint app in Windows to get that done.

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Avatar works if one were to make it small enough. 


Go to Windows Paint. 

Open picture.

Maintain aspect and custom size down to 100 whichever size is larger.


Go to profile.

Change picture.

Browse the file to upload.



It worked for me.

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Nope, the 100x100 png was the only thing that worked. I think the real problem is that when you go to the edit your image area on your profile it tells you 200 or larger....


Screen shot. That is incorrect, and if that said 100x100 only, I think it would alert folks to what is right and it would be better.



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