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Grade/Age Level Requirement - Special Needs Cub Scout

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A boy joined my den who was originally in 1st grade (6.5 years old) but the parent decided to put him back in Kinder right before he joined. He suffers from social anxiety and has an IEP (special education placement). His IEP is for his anxiety only! Academically and behaviorally he is exactly the same as the other boys. He's just shy, but loves Cub Scouts and I believe Scouts would be a benefit to him, help him with his shyness. His dad filled out his application and put K for his grade level. I honestly had no idea about the 7 years or 1st grade requirement when he joined. My boy is the same ahe as him so I didn't think it would be a big deal so I let him join my den. I figured because he was the same age as my son it didn't matter. So far no one has said anthything, I'm not exactly advertising that he's in K. I would hate to hurt this boy's self-esteem by asking bin to leave and pointing out he's been held back. His mom knows of my error of letting him join, so to speak. She is not upset and said he could wait a year but I feel he's better off with his peers. What happens when Scouts are held back? Surely they don't expect them to repeat everything and leave his den? Should I say something/ask council or let it be?

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