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Council Resource and National Registration Fee

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I do not know about other councils but our executive board is huge, 60 members not counting the CORs, and is made up mainly of community leaders and money people who have not active involvement in scouting other than writing checks.  The board only meets once a year for a warm fuzzy meeting.


The "council" is the entire voting membership, including COR's.  They meet once a year.   The Executive Board is a smaller group who meet regularly and actually get things done, and then have them rubber stamped at the annual meeting .   

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Ours is $24 per scout and $1 insurance.  Council supports itself with popcorn, fundraisers, summer camp, camporees, scout shop and FOS.  


The claim that the Fair Labor Standards Act caused the issue is spurious at best.  All they need to do is take the current weekly salary (say, divide it by the number of hours spent a week, including time and a half for overtime, and then translate it into an annual salary.  So if someone is making $30,000 per year working 50 hours a week, the salary could be set at $10 an hour.  $10 x 40 hours = $400 plus $10 x 15 (10 hours overtime at time and a half) = $150 for a total of a $550 week.  Annualized, that is $33,800.  If you set the hourly wage to $9 an hour, then it is pretty close to $30,000.


then once a month there's a camp, usually we're asking $20 a head for grub


then next month another $20 grub fee


We charge $15 a person for food for a weekend. That typically includes a Friday night snack (how about hot pretzels in a Dutch oven or Jiffy Pop over a campfire or s'mores?), Saturday Breakfast (Eggs, Bacon, Biscuits), Saturday Lunch (sandwiches or hot dogs cooked in a cast iron skillet), Saturday Dinner (italian sausages, chuck steaks, chili, baked chicken, hamburgers or meatballs  served with Dutch oven pasta), Saturday Dessert (dump cakes, s'mores, Dutch Oven brownies) and Sunday Breakfast (pancakes or French toast with sausages).  The adults eat even better with fresh brewed coffee, fresh baked biscuits and entree's such as Italian Braised Short Ribs over Polenta, Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes, Baby Back Ribs with Cornbread or Grilled Strip Steaks with Baked Sweet Potatoes.  For $15, that is a coffee and danish at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and a burger and fries at McDonalds.  I'd say even $20 for a weekend is a bargain.

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