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AT - Any through or section hikers here on the forum?

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I'm doing the Smokies section of the AT in June!

oh, look forward to reading more about your preparation and journey.  Doing a trip log or anything?

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Not a thru or even a section hiker, but I have done three 50 milers on the AT. As well as a lot of weekends there. Mostly in the Va, Md, Pa area.   Stories? You want bears, mud, lightining, sittin

First to Oldscout - you have done three 50-milers on the AT - you are a section hiker - you just haven't completed all the sections yet   .   I through-hiked the AT back in 1981 when I was 19 - I hi

Agree with Resqman, we found that a group of 8 is about the max that can squeeze into a shelter in really bad weather. And since we always had scouts who hiked at different speeds, we could split into

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yes to all posts.... helpful, interesting, and cool!

like to read about older guys doing it....

currently watching a vlog series on youtube by a girl that through hiked last year.  She seems to be going through at least mostly sober....and she's being a purist about hiking every inch.... but over all It really strikes me that the AT scene really is more of a "beatnik" social fest.  Fun and making friends and all...

I love the idea of that a little bit, but mostly I'm craving the nature and mountains.  Kinda want to get away from crowds.

The AT does have a social aspect to it. Since October when I first posted in this thread my Troop has covered from Snickers Gap in Va to Pine Grove in Pa.  If you want to be around less people just leave early in the season. I have been following on YouTube a guy called Earlyriser,  He should be finishing the AT very soon. He left early and really only bumped into weekend day hikers until the weather became warm. He also put up some high mileage days so he does hike in the loose groups that usually form.

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" but over all It really strikes me that the AT scene really is more of a "beatnik" social fest.  Fun and making friends and all... "


It is social if you wanna, solitary if you wanna.  Meeting folks on the trail during day is mostly, Hi, Where is the last place you saw water?  How far to the next mtn top/road crossing/landmark?  


Most of the social aspect comes at night in the shelters.  Hikers backgrounds vary widely.  I met grandfather and two grandsons carrying couple gallons of Kentucky bourbon.  Met 4 firefighters who were taking their annual buddy trip.  Met four 55+ guys all from same small town taking their annual buddy trip.  Met lots of individuals hiking to prove something to themselves or get some time away from something in their life.  Most AT hikers are NOT thru hikers but rather day, weekend or week hikers.  Section hikers.  Mostly out to get away from their daily life and enjoy a little stroll.  Students, professionals, ladies, buddies, outdoorsman, people from all sorts of walk of life.  Very few Beatniks.  


Even in the shelters, you can be less social.  I solo hiked for 30 days.  Did hike along with one fella for 2 days.  Sprinted down the trail with a thru hiker for about 4 hours.  Most of the social time is between 6pm and around 9pm at the shelter.  People fixing meals, relaxing around a fire or table, and them most people jump in sleeping bag shortly after dark.  Most discussions are not about peoples life off the trail.  It usually centers around their experiences on the trail.

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