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Researching old Scout Masters

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Our Pack recently celebrated our 75th Anniversary, so I went through a similar exercise.  There are basically two methods to track down previous Cubmasters/Scoutmasters:

  1. Each leader undoubtedly remembers their predecessor, so you can start with the current leader and work your way back.  It's time consuming but easy enough to do.
  2. Your Council should have a file on your unit, and this information should be there.  The challenge is that today we have fewer Councils than we had many years ago, and during mergers sometimes historical records have been lost (or more likely filed in a box in a basement somewhere, never to be found again).

I'll warn you, if you ask the Council at this time of year you might be asked to wait.  When I contacted our Council, I was basically told that the months around recruitment and again around rechartering are too busy for them to pull these records,  For our Council the recharter year starts on Jan 1, so basically Sept-Jan are too busy (last year recharter pushed into March-April due to a requirement for all leaders to have current YPT).

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