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New Cubmaster from East Texas with a lot to learn

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Hello everyone!

I am the new Cubmaster for a small pack (20-ish) in East Texas.  I got into this position because when we went to sign our son up, my wife and I learned there was no den leader for the Arrow of Light den. We knew that we would at least give it our all and try to deliver a quality program so we agreed to be Co-Den leaders.  Once the committee chair managed to wrangle us into that, she dropped the bomb on me that they don't have a Cubmaster and would really love to have a male leader for the pack... and so here I am!

I am very excited to be part of this organization and have already completed my Den Leader Specifics, Cubmaster Specifics, and BALOO training.  

I recently ran the campfire program for our fall family camp out and received feedback that it was great so that was very encouraging for me and I look forward to keeping the boys very engaged and trying to deliver a quality program to the best of my ability.

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CMMichael:   Welcome and be comfortable, here at our eCracker Barrel.  eCheese and eCrackers on the eTable.....


You will have a gratifying time as CM if you remember some  things:

1)   If it isn't FUN for you, it won't be fun for your Cubs.  Make sure your Den Leaders remember this too.  If it isn't FUN for your Cubs, they will not stay in Scouting for  (what adults  consider) the  "important parts".  Do not become another School Teacher. 

2)   Be sure to include the other parents and other "significant others" of the Cubs.   Grand parents, uncles/aunts, big brothers and sisters too.  DELEGATE.   Do not be afraid to ASK personally for help, even to go so far as to ASSIGN tasks, and follow up on those assignments.   This is not to mean that you are THE leader.   No, No.  Work with the Committee Chair in this.  Let him/her do the delegating.  Asking for volunteers is the first thing, but NOT the last.

3)  Plan months ahead.   Work with the  Pack Committee to lay out the coming year.   Publish it.  No surprises for parents.   Publish it on paper.  Hand it to them, in person.  DO NOT depend on email. 

4)  Remember the Cub Scout Mantra:   KISMIF.   Keep it simple, make it fun. 


5)    In all things, go places and do things the schools never would.....


See you on the trail.

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So your son is in the AOL den?

That means he's nearly finished with cubs, right?  How long are you planning to stay in this CM role?  Have a younger son coming through perhaps?


for what it's worth, as CM I found this website helpful - http://usscouts.org/bbugle2016-2017.asp


and in hindsight I really wish that I would have paid a lot more attention here on this site as well as in my other reading, to the boy scout troop end of things, how boy lead works, the patrol method, etc...  Even though it's not exactly part of cubs, it's where it's heading, and in my thinking I wish that I would have done a better job of applying it in the den and in the pack.  I think it would have been more fun for the boys to be more involved rather than just an audience.... and would help the older scouts get ready for the troop.


I found two books very interesting, as I was stepping away from the pack over to the troop, that I wish that I'd have read earlier

Baden Powell's Aides to Scoutmastership - you can read it online here - http://scoutmastercg.com/aids-scoutmastership/

and Clarke Green's book "So Far So Good, a new Scoutmaster's Story"

neither relate directly to cubs, but I think would be useful just the same....

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