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My Eagle Project is completed!!!!!!!!!

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Yesterday, March 13, 1:00 p.m., I completed my Eagle Scout Project!!!


It was a complete success. I put my goal at 25 donors, but my Blood Drive Recruiter said that all the other Blood Drive Chairmans are lucky to get 15 donors around here, and I got 20 donors. I also did great financially, I have $50 left over since the t-shirt man gave me a discount. That $50 is going to go into an account for the next Eagle Canidate from our Troop to use if they need it.


Im going today to my Scoutmasters house to work on the paperwork.


We are thinking of making a Blood Drive a tri-annual Community Service Project for the Troop.


My stress level is now way down :)

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Congratulations! That's super news.


You have me interested to hear more though, so if you'd care to tell more, please do. What were the t-shirts for? Is your area typically difficulty to hold blood drives in (you mentioned 15 as the norm)? Is there something in particular that motivated you to do this particular project?


Good news!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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1) I decided I needed to something else for my project, so, I customized my own t-shirts. They were red, then on the back at the top it said "Blood Donor", under that, the picture OGE gave me, and then under that said "Eagle Scout Project 2004"


2) Its typacially hard to get Donors to come out and donate in my area.


3) Yes, people are in a constant need of blood all of the time, and then, what really motivated me to encourage people even more was that a little boy, 9, had been riding a horse, fell off, and the liver was laserated (sliced), and they were constantly pumping pint after pint of blood into him, and their blood banks were then empty, and thank to my blood bank ,its building back up.


4) Well, I did give blood, not for the blood bank though, must be 17 and weight 110 lbs. My hand and the bandage didn't like each other.


5) read #2

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A big congrats on your project!! I must say it provided a great service to your community. It is also something unique and creative. Most of the projects I see, have to do with building something. Good to see something quite different.

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