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Recognizing former Scoutmaster with BSA recognitions

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We would like to recognize a former Scoutmaster with the recognitions he should have completed paperwork for when he was SM.


1. - Scouters Training Award - no brainer as he completed it all when he was SM


2 - Unit Leader Award of Merit - says you must be a currently registered SM so I interpret he is ineligible.


3 - Scoutmasters Key - should we award under the old criteria as he could of earned it like that or does it have to be new criteria and he would not be eligible.


What would you do? What have you done? Thanks for the input.

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I think this actually falls under the District Training Committee.  I'd talk to the chair for that Committee and explain the situation. 


You may also want to consider the Silver Beaver if he hasn't earned that already.  Ultimately that is decided at the Council level, but if you write a compelling enough nomination for him, it can certainly help.  Another idea is the District Award of Merit.  Especially if he has taken an active role in helping the District.

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Did anyone else notice that the instructions for the Unit Leader Award of Merit states:


The unit committee chair completes the Unit Leader Award of Merit Nomination Form on behalf of the unit committee. For

Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, Venturing crews, and Sea Scout ships, the nomination must include endorsement

by the senior patrol leader, team captain, crew president, or ship’s boatswain, respectively.(emphasis added)



But there is no place for the youth to sign the form; they onlhy write a letter?

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