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When you go to a unit meeting or outing, what do you haul with you and what do you haul it in? I'm not talking about the outdoor essentials or overnight gear, but in the bag where you put your "leader stuff", what's in it? I'd like to get an idea of how "heavy" or "light" the rest of you travel.


I'll go first. I have one of those somewhat oversized notebook computer cases (alas, without the computer). In an outer flap pocket, I have various pens and markers, Quality Unit patches, wooden nickels, blank firem'n chits and totin' chips, and my business cards. Pocket next to that, I carry blue cards and clean dues envelopes. Big compartment next to that, I have some books (SM handbook, Scout Handbook, SPL/PL Handbooks, 2004 Requirements Book), and my binder. Binder's got contact rosters, council and troop annual calendars, monthly program helps through August, MB counselor list, council/district event flyers, and plastic sleeves for event permission slips, etc.


Next big compartment has the G2SS, Troop Record Book, Game instructions from Troop Program Features, health history forms, rope for whipping, rope for fusing, and a tin of Altoids.


There's probably a few gum wrappers and some spare change in there too, but I'm not counting that.



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Yep, sound's about right. But I also carry BS and Adult Applications (gotta get em' when their hot! ;)) MB Applications,Advancement records, Guidelines for holding SM Conferences and BORs, Guidelines for MB Counselors, guide to Safe scouting book, etc.


But instead of Altoids, I have chocolate, lots of chocolate! ;)


And I carry it all in a portable file box and keep all in hanging files.


We won't talk about what I carry in the trunk of my car! ;)

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I have a plastic box that carries hanging file folders that I bring to troop meetings and outings. It contains the G2SS and tour permits, our troops own medical forms (includes a picture of each scout) and blue cards.


To meetings I rarely bring the SM handbook (not a handbook but a 3 ring binder) PL or SPL handbooks but I try to always bring my Boy Scout handbook. I always bring a writing stick (pen or pencil) and paper to all meetings and outings (something I'm trying to get all Scouts to do to no avail).


I also bring a troop roster with all the boys and adults names including phone (cell, home, business) and email addresses on it.


Of course the essential go on every outing: toilet paper (that roll must be a few years old by now!), personal first aid kit, watch, toothbrush, garbage bag, etc.

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The SM and each asst have their own areas of responsibility on campouts that we just sort of gravitated to. The SM is handed a folder just before we leave with maps for the drivers, permission slips, camp reservations. He puts that in with the medical forms. One assistant is safety.


My job is the New Scout Patrol program. I always carry a library in a plasic box that has a tree identification book, A mammal ID book, an insect ID book, a bird ID book. I have a BSA Field Book, A Boy Scout Handbook, song book, game book, a knot book. In another box I have a compass game, extra compasses, sharpening tools, painters, a harmonica, binoculars, pencils and paper.

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I also have a brief case that is overstuffed right now. I keep committing to cleaning it out, but every time I start, someone comes up to talk...


In it I have Advancement guideline, Council MB Counselor list, BSA Hand book, Merit Badge Pamphlets for the 8 badges I do, adult applications, new Scout applications, calenders back probalby a year and going forward never far enough, The 2004 Requirements book, roster, usually advancement status sheets (Troopmaster) for all the guys in the Troop, pens, pencil, and about 6 legal pads.


I also carry a tackle box with MBs and Rank badges, POR badges, a few extra neckerchiefs of two styles, a couple extra slides, red numerals for our Troop, MB presentation cards, rank presentation cards, MB Blue Cards, and a stapler.



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Well lets see-- for the unit/troop meetings we have a large over stuffed briefcase that has all the info that you need and even more stuff-- (has not been cleaned out for years), it has tour permits, rosters, phone #'s, requirements book, cards ect. -- Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will bring this topic up next meeting , we should clean it out ( it might close after)-- For camp outs it's the briefcase in the trunk(it stays in the trunk till we need something in it) and a cloth case that contains my cell phone, phone #'s, cards merit badge books that the boys should be working on for that outing,map of the area,compass, spare batteries,flashlight-- the typical stuff-- and my personal first aid kit separate from brief case-- its not like the case in the trunk of steves car-- but we have a smaller troop -- RM

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I know KS, you're wanting leader stuff, but..;)


Well, I guess I AM a Youth Leader.:)


I carry a briefcase that was made for a laptop, but my dad was just using it as a breifcase for his baseball stuff (he's a coach). I took it from him (with permission) and use it to carry my stuff that I need.


Main pocket: I carry my Toshiba laptop.

Other pockets in there: I carry disks, camera wire, etc

I also carry catalogs or a notebook in a pocket there. There is also slots for pens and such


Outer flag pocket: I carry my digital camera and a memory card, the AC/DC?? wire for the computer, and more pens


Back pocket I carry a file folder with newspaper clippings. I do this because I also use this case for computer club and collect pictures that I have taken.


I also carry a 3 ring binder broken into categories.

1.Gear stuff- includes some pictures, gear lists, etc

2.Permission slips and newsletters

3.Outdoor adventures

4.merit badge stuff

5.West Point information



I carry my handbook, Ranger handbook, as well as some other


This is mainly for meetings


Campouts- I take my digital camera, handbook, Ranger handbook, and notebook. I leave the laptop at home

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I use a salesman's sample case for all the essentials. Pens, Paper, Roster Book, MB Counselor list, Handbooks, Requirement Books, Applications, Equipment Lists, MB cards, compasses, and a few meeting ideas in case the TLC's meeting plan kind of falls apart! It does get up there in weight!


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Cub Leader version, in a junky old hardshell plastic Sampsonite briefcase, listed roughly in order top to bottom:


A thick stack of papers (most of which could be tossed) primarily consisting of flyers and registration forms for various activities and training sessions, uniform inspection sheets, den rosters, advancement reports, etc.

Webelos Handbook

Guide to Safe Scouting

Bag of ashes from our last campout.

Youth and adult applications.

Two half-finished USA Today crosswords.

Ziplock bag containing an assortment of Cub Scout advancement badges and push pins I use to make a display board at ever pack meeting (and provide emergency backup for our advancement chair.)

Stack of blank Whitlin Chip cards.

Cub Scout Leader Fast Start video

American Flag

Half-dozen patches from various outings

Variety of pens, pencils and Sharpies.

Envelope of magicians' flash paper

Small bag of summertime participation pins

And most important of all, an emergency stash of Advil.

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I have a black briefcase that I bring with me to outings and meetings.


I have pens and pencils in the outer pockets.


Highlighters and compasses.


An Assignment notebook and college ruled notebook


BS Handbook, Spl and PL handbooks, G2SS


Scoutmasters HB in binder next to Bible


Songbook, OA Handbook,Fieldbook, Requirement book


Applications Youth (Scouts, Venturing, and Cubs) and Adults.


Bluecards, Totin' Chits, Fire'em Chits


1" Binder with contact names and other paperwork and calendars. (I need an electronic organizer)








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I was lucky in that we had our own HQ with a office. So all the books and that sort of thing were there. I'm not sure why but all the business seem to be done in the kitchen??

As it was in down town London I had no need to take a car. Unlike now when at times the trunk (Boot) is a mobile office. I used to ride the bus so hauling a huge amount of gear was a real pain.

I did always carry the books with the meeting plans for every meeting that we ever had. Over 11 years of meeting plans. This was a true lifesaver. We used it a PLC's to rate the meeting and the games, activities that we done and played and at times dug up and re-cycled old ideas. Also at times when things weren't going too well the SPL would dive in and come out with something. Be it a game or whatever.


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Our Scoutmaster's huge, clunky briefcase exploded one meeting night. Rather than get a new one, he used 2 bungee cords to keep it together. The troop finally took pity on him, and he now sports a medium-sized bright red pilot case. We figured with all his stuff he must be about to throw his back out! :)


I haven't actually finished snooping through all his "sacred stuff" (;)), but it looks like he has pretty much what y'all have. He also carts a milk-crate full of files and forms, plus occassionally the many-drawered gadget box full of badges, stars and stuff. (The last mainly lives with the Advancement Chair.)

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I usually carry such material in a day pack. That way I will have my books and papers, and my other essentials all available in the vehicle for the trip down. Then depending on the activities going on I may repack the daypack upon arriving at the campsite.


Usually this packpack contains, on the way to a camp out, the following things:





bug repelent

FRS/weather radio

rain suit

Scout Handbook


Requirement Book


OA Handbook

OA binder (various OA recourses and documents such as election forms, Guide for Officers and Advisors, ceremonies scripts, Guide to Inductions, etc.)

GP binder (non-OA Scouting stuff, troop roster, annual calendar)

spiral notebook



water bottle(s)

very small first aid kit

length of fiber rope, approx 4ft.


sometimes I will also carry:


sun tan lotion

snack food

novel or other reading material

extra knife

extra bandana


Also, if making a quick single night stop as part of a longer trip I will usually put any cloths and toiletries for the second day in the pack.


Generally this is about all that will fit. More would likely burst the seems. I don't even want to think about what that all weighs.

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