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FOS distribution to Council VOA?

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My son has gotten involved with a Venturing Crew and started attending the Council VOA (Venturing Officer Association) meetings.


At the last meeting, one of the Advisors made a comment that they had read that a portion of FOS money collected by the council should be designated to an account to be used by the VOA.


The person who saw this cannot remember where they saw this nor can they re-find it doing an internet search.


Does anyone know of any BSA publication that states this?

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The VOA should contact the Scout Exec and ask about their "budget".  If the Council really has a line item for the V's, then the VOA should plan some events (Hike-a-ree, Training session at a Council camp,  bike tour of the Council Camps ( a century ride?),  Shooting Sports Extravaganza,  Cook-a-ree,  Merit Badge Extravaganza,  Scout-a-rama,   name it, plan it,  )   set up a budget for it and ask for help....


Nothing Ventured, nothing  Scouted....

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Unfortunately any FOS funds going to the VOA is at the sole discretion of the SE, there is no BSA requirement mandating a percentage be allotted to the VOA. After over 15 years in Venturing I have heard many of these stories, but good luck trying to find anything in official BSA publications to substantiate it.

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