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Looking for Daisy patch alternate ideas....

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I'm looking for an alternate fun-patch idea that Daisy scouts can work on since they don't have an official badge for the Art in the Outdoors series.  This is for an event where older scouts will do some of the things for the new badges.  We don't want the little ones to feel left out. 


Anyone have patch suggestions? 

Program ideas?

Links to existing outdoorsy craftsy artsy stuff that would be appropriate for the age group?

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Patch suggestion: how about a blank patch that they design themselves ... Maybe with stamps of leaves or insects.

Activity: collecting leaves or fungi that could be used for stamping!

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Gee, I thought I put in a suggestion, but it wasn't here when I checked in today. Here goes again....


The GSUSA website store has some "general" patches that can be adapted to special activities.  Look into those.  Also, if you step into your local BSA Scout Shop, you will find a plethora of general patches, mostly in the Cub area,  such as fishing, boating,  hiking, other topics.   I don't imagine your Daisies would object to having a little fleur de Lis in the corner of their patch.  And  you've got the Patrol patches, lots of animal silhouettes to adapt to your purpose. 


And Qwasze  has a fine idea with the blank Patrol patch.  


Art?   Cut off a small paint brush and hot glue it on a safety pin....


At the Nat Jam, a group of us commemorated a particularly hot afternoon gathering by taking the ice cream Dixie Cup lids and punching holes in them, tie a loop of string, to them, and presto! we have an pocket award that will start a conversation and remind ourselves of a good time.

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