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Fun indoor games?

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Our school sign up night is next Wednesday night.  If the weather permits we will have the council's mobile climbing wall come out:  https://www.nfcscouting.org/mobile-climbing-wall


But since we live in Florida and it pretty much rains every afternoon here and the various tropical storms that could be heading our way its looking like a 60% chance of rain right now for next week.  :unsure:  Granted that could change a lot in the next week.  


Last year I had planned on doing the Alka Seltzer rockets outside but it poured.  So we were at a loss on what to do with the boys while the parents filled out applications and asked questions.   We ended up making paper airplanes and have a distance contest. 


So my question is: What are some fun indoor activities you can plan for the boys? 


I am thinking some minute to win it type games but I would like to know what has worked well for your pack when the weather doesn't cooperate. 




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All excellent ideas.  Thank you so much. :)  


Fehler:  We will be in the school cafeteria.  So pretty decent ceiling height.  I found a stomp rocket on Pinterest that you can aim at a 45 degree angle and another idea for tarp with holes cut in it for a points system.  Its made with a pvc frame so it can be easily transported and stored for future use. 


Still looking at a 60% chance of rain so far.    Hopefully this storm that is brewing down in the Caribbean will stay much further south and the weather will clear up some. 

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Hey, great to see someone from NFC here!


Yep, the stomp gliders can be fun, or rockets.


I developed the most energy and excitement though, with relay races.


Task the webelos with organizing teams or patrols, it gets them involved and helping the younger ones, and it mixes the teams so you don't end up with the little guys competing against the older ones

or do it by den


A favorite was a balloon pop..... each scout blew up 2 or more balloons (same number for everyone) and they all went in a pile on one side of the room, the teams or patrols.

The scout at the head of the line ran to the other side, grabbed a balloon, brought it back to the head of the line, then he had to sit on the balloon till it popped, as soon as it popped, he would move to the back of the line and the next scout would repeat....


I also found a few balloon soccer games

one had colored balloons and each den has a corner of the room to get their color into.


I found keeping a bunch of balloons on hand was great for back-up or impromptu quick hit chaotic noise inducing fun.

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I think the answer will depend on how many boys show up.  We've played a number of Minute to Win It style games, but most of those are aimed at 1-2 players and work best for small, Den size groups.  If you have more kids than that, you'll want to have multiple stations which requires more adult to supervise.


If you have a large group, you could try any one of a number of games.  One I learned at BALOO was Streets and Alleys, which will work if you have a group of a dozen or more.  It's nice because it doesn't require a lot of space (just enough for everyone to form up into rows with arms outstretched).  Another game that works for a group is Farmers and Lumberjacks (one group knocks down cones, another sets them back up).


Don't forget to look through your Cub Scout Leader How-to Book.  Hopefully you or your unit have a copy somewhere.  If you have an old copy, don't throw it out.  I compared the newest revision with the last one, and the vast majority of the book is the same.  I found corrections for a few typos, but nothing substantially changed in the 'how-to' portion of the book.  Lots of great game ideas in there.

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Better outdoors, but can work indoors:  


"Steal the Bacon, Low Fat"

If you remember the "usual" Steal the Bacon (two lines, call out numbers, numbers somehow rassle for the 'bacon' and bring it back to their line), you will recognize this.


**Count off into two even groups, line up opposite each other on two lines about twenty yards or so apart. Adjust for age,  skill, etc.  Place the "Bacon" in the middle , equally between the lines. This can be a cap, or sweater or a soccer ball, for instance.  
**Declare the rules so as to minimize injuries, for instance if a ball,  "Soccer rules!  Feet only! No hands!"   The goal is to bring the Bacon back across YOUR line to gain a point.  Now, how do you do that? 
**As The "Caller" ,  I will make a statement.  If that statement is true for YOU, then you come out and "Steal the Bacon!"   If it is NOT true for you, stay where you are! You will have your turn,  I promise! Now, STAY BEHIND THAT LINE, unless the statement applies to YOU!  "On My Honor", now,  I do not know anything about you  or your families, so it's up to YOU to be honest about these things!
**  The "Leader" or "Coach" or "Caller"  must be creative and observant .  Give an example: "Now, don't move, but raise your hand if you had Orange Juice for breakfast!  OKAY!  If we were playing, you Scouts would have come out after that Bacon!  Again, don't move, but raise your hand if your dad wears glasses!   Right! Any questions?  Okay, this time we play!   Listen carefully!   I am wearing BLACK SOX!"  (watch them lift up their pants!)  
**Some samples:  My mom wears glasses, we own a red car,  I had oatmeal for breakfast,  I have a cartoon character on my shirt,  I have a fish/cat/dog/snake/rabbit/guinea pig for a pet.

I was born in November/December/April... I have a younger sister,  I have visited New York/Canada/Mexico,  I have ridden in a canoe,  someone in my family serves in the military,  Last week, I went to the dentist, had a haircut, went to a movie,  real theater.  I have a Boy Scout/Girl Scout  for a sibling.
** I am wearing stripes.  I have LETTERS on my shirt.  Last night, we had hamburgers/fish/black beans for dinner.   
**  Be creative ...   I like raw oysters,   I am wearing a belt,  my mom was NOT born in the USA,  I was born in Virginia, My dad has a beard,   my mom has a beard (OOPS!),   my birthday is an even number,,,,,,,,  

Have fun......

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A favorite for my pack is "Rock, Paper. Scissors, Snake"


Basically it is the traditional game of Ro-sham-bo when two scouts approach each other; however, the scout that loses, then has to follow the winner. (i.e. he puts his hands on the others' shoulders (or the shoulders of whomever is at the end of the snake).

If the leader of a snake of boys loses, he (and the rest of his snake) join the end of the other snake.


Even though the boys in the snake had previously lost to their leader, they are excited for their snake to be the ultimate last remaining snake - its a lot of fun.  When only one snake remains, start over.

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