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So it looks like our crew is down to

One female adult participant,

One make adult participant,

One female youth,

One male youth,

Two adult males

Two adult females (one more available, one less, neither wed to the males).


Now there's a whole lot of glass half empty/full going on that I won't bore you with. Let's just say the above want to at least try venturing, so I'll give them the time to do just that. Typically this lot is interested in backpacking, at least all of them say they like the concept.


For today's question: if one of each of the above comes on a trip, how would you arrange shelter?


My answer (I think) would be "what shelter?" That is, individual minimum impact hammocks or tarps with a unisex digger hanging from a tree. Longer term, maybe rig a shower bag behind a wall tarp.


But it might help me have a right attitude if I hear other suggestions.

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The Guide to Safe Scouting Provides:
• Tenting
When camping, no one is permitted to sleep with a person of the opposite sex or an adult other than his or her own spouse, parent, or guardian. Assigning youth members more than two years apart in age to sleep in the same tent should be avoided unless the youth are relatives.
Q: For sleeping and bathroom arrangements, would units now have 6 classification zones? (Under 18 male, under 18 female, 18-20 male, 18-20 female, over 21 male, and over 21 female)
A: There will just be 4 zones, under 18 male, under 18 female, over 18 male, over 18 female.



The question is what "no one" in the Guide to Safe Scouting refers to.  If it means "no scout under age 18", then it appears to indicate that the over 18 but not over 21 Venturer can share a tent with an adult leader of the same sex.  If no one means no one, then two over 21 year old adults can't share a tent.


My solution, like yours, is that everyone gets a lightweight tent or hammock or tarp.  Heck, most of the guys over 14 in my Troop would tent alone if given the opportunity.

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