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18 in three days an counting...

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I thought I would relay this to the group for opinions


I have a Scout that turns 18 on Wednesday.  He just finished his project on Friday.  What is the problem?  He set up two appointments with the SM for a SMC and the SM forgot both.  To make it worse, the SM left for a one week vacation.  The Scout needs his signature for the workbook, application, and the SMC.  


Yes, the Scout did not plan well leaving it so close to his birthday assuming everyone would be available as he needed for the last items.


Question is what can he do now?


Anyone have ideas...

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I meant to thumbs-up @@Sentinel947, but slipped.


However, there is also FedEx. (Yes, we did that with one boy.) Although, if it were one of my vacations, that wouldn't work either.

Call the SM and see if that is at all possible. Maybe have him Skype in on the conference with the ASM.

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If you can't reach the SM to officially have him delegate to the ASM I would go ahead and have the scout meet with an ASM before Wednesday, I would also make sure your CC and maybe even your COR are aware of what's going on.


This could either be a big deal or not a big deal.  Someone can correct me on this, but the only time sensitive thing that needs to happen is the SMC, and I don't believe there's any rule that can't be done via Skye or even by telephone.  None of the signatures are "requirements" that need to be completed before the 18th birthday.

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Talk to the Scoutmaster to run it past him that an asm is going to do a SM conference and sign his book.

Then everything is completed before his 18th birthday that is required for eagle.

The signatures on application and eagle project book etc can all be done after the fact without issue.

Scout can also go to his eagle board without sm signature or sm conference, so this won't hang him up.

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Time sensitive is both the SMC and the signature on the workbook.  The scoutmaster signature on the workbook is an indicator the project is done.  It needs to be signed before the scout is 18.  There is some flexibility in disputed situations and some workarounds can be done, but generally ... if not strictly ... the signed date needs to be before the scout turns 18.


So as said immediately, designate the appropriate ASM to sign the workbook and do the SMC.  


Even with the SM on vacation, text, email and phone the SM so he knows what is being done.  Let the CC and COR know too.  That's the best way to minimize confusion.  


What's sad is with the right leaders and the right district, this screw up by the scout is survivable.  With the wrong ones, it could end is Eagle journey on a bad note.

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Yah, hmmm...


@@dfolson, I reckon this is one of those learnin' moments where the lad should be tacked to the wall a bit, but nobody out there in Scoutland is goin' to nail him to the wall.  Just enough pain to learn not to push things to deadlines and expect everyone else is goin' to drop everything to help yeh out.   So I wouldn't worry too much.  An ASM can do da conference, or perhaps when the SM gets back he back-dates his signatures after a stern conversation, or we all quietly recognize that it's da beneficiary's signature that confirms when the project is done.  Da SM signature only reflects that it was done by the boy himself in a scoutly fashion.  That can come at any time.  :)


That's the adult side, eh?  So that you don't get heartburn.


For the rest of it, this ain't your problem, mate.  Let the lad deal with it.  If you deal with it instead, you're just tellin' him that you don't trust him to be a young adult and handle a small challenge.  It's a form of stealin' honor and a chance to grow from the boy.   Sit back, let him worry and vent to you, and just ask him "Well, what are you going to do about it?"



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Yes the learning moment will be delivered to the lad about not waiting for last minute.  Meanwhile the Council Advancement Chair has OK'ed electronic signatures and the SMC was done by phone.  Further study of the GTA indicates the signatures are not required prior to the 18th birthday. - ... Note there is no requirement that the signatures of the Scout, unit leader, and committee chair must be dated before the Scout’s 18th birthday. - ... There is no requirement that the application must be completed or submitted before the 18th birthday. Councils do not have the authority to reject applications submitted on or after that date.


Because all requirements have been met before he turned 18 - he'll be fine.

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I think we are all saying the same thing.  GTA and are about the application.  Before he turns eighteen, he must still get the project workbook report signatures and complete the SMC.  The scout has time for the application after 18.  Not forever though ... I try to avoid those details when discussing it with the scout because he starts eating into the three month window of easy processing.  

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