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Building Patrol Spirit: a Pie in the Face

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Troop meetings are not inconsistent with "A Scout primarily experiences Scouting in the context of his patrol."  Routinely, Scoutcraft is to be learned in the patrol, and only "occasionally" in the troop.  Games and contests should be patrol vs. patrol.  That leaves gathering time activities - maybe, opening, closing, and post-meeting mini-PLC.  


And that is what we taught thirty participants last weekend - right out of BSA current statements on the Patrol Method - while ignoring the scattered on Scouting.orgcontrary statements of those at BSA who have "lost track of Boy Scouting (Such as the bizarre claim at Scouting.org  that the Patrol Method is "an aspect of the boy-led troop."  "Boy-Led Method anyone?   :confused: ) .

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So, oldest is trying to come up with ways to inspire the patrols to do what they are suppose to do. He came up with putting a pie in an ASM's face for the top patrol after 2 or three months. I'm game, but what are your thoughts.


I can't offer any input about this and the older scouts but was talking to our local cubmaster and he used this idea as part of the incremental rewards for popcorn sales last year.  If a boy sold a certain dollar amount of popcorn, he got to put a pie in the face of an adult leader of his choosing.  Only costs a few dollars to do and the cubmaster was very happy with the results.  Happy cubs and more sales.


He would have liked to have gotten parents involved with this.  The boys could have put a pie in mom or dad's face.  Y'know how that goes.  More likely to see bigfoot than parents helping out around here.

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Depending upon how you look at it, the meeting was a disaster (adult led folks) or a great learning experience (youth led folks). In a nutshell, Folks responsible for reviewing skills for camporee were not prepared. They had to add lib it. PLs  and SPL were sent copies of the camporee guide, and only 1 had his copy. Few of the Scouts knew what is goign on with camporee in 4 weeks. ON A POSITVE NOTE: adults didn't step in to help. mentor yes, but the adult stepped back and chatted. One step forward.


I am hoping an praying that Camporee will build these guys up. With the exception of campsite inspection and gateways, the entire camporee is patrol oriented. All events are awarding 1st - 3rd for the patrols, no troop level awards except camp inspection and gateway. Top 3 patrols will be recognized. Had one complaint about the top troop not getting recognized, but  told them the patrol is the foundation of Scouting.


My concern is the practice camporee date being on the calendar since January, and the new date for camporee being on the calendar since May, very few of the Scouts knew when the events were. The two mixed aged patrols only have 1/2 their members attending the practice camporee this weekend, and there is talk about merging them into one patrol for the practice, as well as for the actual camporee. I would say a step back, but in honesty it's par for the course, at the moment.


Good news is that the SPL is stepping up and leading. This has a trickle down effect and the PLs are doing a little more. So it's another step forward.


Baby steps.

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