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In the spirit of honesty and full disclosure, I wish to admit to the other members of this forum that I am, at times, a vial person.


Many of the Science classes that I have taught, including Biology and Physical Science, have been vial classes, and I have taught some vial lessons.


If BSA continues to promote STEM, I am very much afraid that this may become a vial activity.


Please excuse me for my vial language.

@@David CO I always wanted to ask a science teacher.....


What happens to the vial if it contains something vile?


Do you segregate the vile vial with other vile vials, or just leave it alone.  It could be Hazardous Material!!


Now what if the vile vial is viral?  That's a whole other issue, right?


Just points to ponder......


My head hurts now, I'm going to go lie down.

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No, Frank, when that happens you should just learn to play music.  Because it really doesn't matter where you put the violin.



So, I should or should not put a vile vial in a violin?  That would seem to be verboten. Especially a vile viral vial in a violin. The music teacher would not approve. Then I would have a vile chin on a violin in which there is a verboten viral vile vial.



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