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Wearing Eagle Patch before COH

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It is kind of sad when the Scout won't allow any recognition.  He earned it, he should be congratulated for it.  ...

Or as we explain to such scouts, he owes the SM/ASMs a party. He better not wait until 21 to host it, because the price of fine liquor ain't getting any lower!

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The BoR is the date he is an Eagle, but he can't officially wear the patch until your Council gets the paperwork back from National. There is no requirement to have a CoH, and I would doubt anyone would raise an eyebrow if he were to start wearing the Eagle patch the day after the BoR ;)  - from the GTA: The Eagle Scout medal or patch must not be sold or otherwise provided to any unit or to the Scout, nor should the court of honor be scheduled until after the certificate is received at the council service center from the National Advancement Team.


I'm curious to know how many times has a boy passed the EBOR but was denied the rank by National Advancement Team?

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Collectively the BSA has taken a happy occasion and turned it into drudgery.


The red tape.   The over-the-top coronation-style Eagle ceremonies.


It is not surprising that some scouts just press on with life and skip the fanfare.

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