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Leader on loan

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Anyone on here from anywhere close to Lander University South Carolina?


If so would you like a young and enthusiastic British scouter on loan for a few months over the Autumn?


One of my ASLs (what you would call an ASM) is a student here and is spending one semester at Lander arriving in mid August and there till mid December. She's keen to see a bit of American scouting! She's unsure of commitment levels as she's not sure what her work load is like but will be trying to fit it all in to a greater or lessor extent.


She's by no means highly experienced but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in energy and enthusiasm! I said I'd plug her as a bit if slave labour on here to see where it got her.


So if she sounds like what you need step right this way........

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'skip, a former advisor relocated to SC. She may know people. I'll send her the link to this page.

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