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You might want to avoid admitting on the Internet that you shot at or shot down an "aircraft."  The "shall be fined" part may not deter, but the "twenty years" could be a problem.  Just sayin'

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As a naturalist who favors the sounds of nature and the silent sports, having to listen to the incessant whine of a drone is not conducive to a LNT lesson and falls short in the category of courtesy t

Figure if nothing else the subject will get you to click the following link to a new Scouting Safely Alert:   http://www.scouting.org/Home/HealthandSafety/Alerts/Drone_Safety.aspx   RichardB   P

@@Beavah, if I were to guess, most of these griping commenters are in their 20's-40's. They don't necessarily appreciate how much the land is breathing a half-century sigh of relief from when it was a

Officer, it came down and was just outside my windows....If it wasn't trying to invade my privacy, what other alternatives might there have been?

I guess I could always try the Dick Cheney defense, lol. I haven't seen one over my property yet...that I wasn't flying. So far so good.

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