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Camp Staffers Fired for Trying to Rescue Bald Eagle

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I believe in respecting nature.  Included in my respect for nature is an understanding and appreciation of the predator/prey relationship that exists in nature.


Nature can seem cruel, and predators appear to be oblivious to the suffering they cause to their prey.  


I have very much enjoyed studying and observing nature, but I don't mind admitting that some things in nature can still make me wince.  That's human nature, I suppose, and not an entirely bad thing.


I don't believe in interfering with nature.  If my sensibilities are offended, I avert my eyes or walk away.


It is entirely different when animals are injured when venturing into the human environment.  In that case, it is certainly appropriate for us to tend to them and return them to their natural surroundings.  I applaud the work of the good people who do so.


That said, I would not at all appreciate it if one of these good people were to characterize me as being unscoutlike for my hands-off attitude toward wildlife in nature.  I would definitely not tolerate it from a subordinate.

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A few times I have come across a car/deer accident, even ones where I've hit the deer.  If the deer is obviously mortally wounded, I will put it down ASAP to minimize it's suffering.  To date, no law enforcement officer has ever charged me with shooting deer out of season.

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I an effort to clear the jam, the applicable legal standard as set out by the federal department with jurisdiction seems to be:


"Can someone without a permit help a sick, injured, or orphaned migratory bird? Any person who finds a sick, injured, or orphaned migratory bird may, without a permit, take possession of the bird in order to immediately transport it to a permitted rehabilitator."  




Now that the Council President knows this, perhaps the Council will follow the ancient advice: "When in a hole, stop digging."


Scouting is getting murdered on the Internet over this.



Then we have: "6. A Scout is a friend to animals.  He should save them as far as possible from pain."


As for Natures way - red in fang and claw - I have a friend who supports exposing politicians at birth - like naked on a rock in Winter, could we but determine which ones they are.

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