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In 2012 there was a proposed "OA Grace" published by National on the idea that some of the more well known high adventure camps had their own particular mealtime grace (most everyone is familiar with the "Philmont Grace" for example).


Just curious if any Lodges or even just Chapters are using it at all??


The reason I ask is that, just for the heck of it, since it is an OA grace, I translated it into Lenape (yes, I'm a sadistic Linguist :) ) for possible use in our Lodge  - it seems that it's being used more and more at Ordeal Weekends, Conclaves and the like in my area (northern New England). I had never heard of it until just last NOAC.


Just curious if people are using it at all.

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For night alone that rests our thought
For quiet dawn that lights our trail
For evening fire that warms and cheers
For each repast that fuels our work
We give thanks, O Lord.  Amen.


Is this the grace your talking about?  We use it on conclaves as an alternative to the camp grace, and at the annual OA banquet

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Thanks - it's amazing how long it takes to translate what is seemingly a rather straightforward and simple text in English. Lenape doesn't quite work as easily as European languages do :) I was fortunate to be able to get help with it and glad I was able to do translations in both Unami dialects. Southern is easier, but not the dialect the OA borrowed its Lenape nomenclature from; it was Northern.     

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