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Issues with CO Rep and Committee Chair. Who to escalate to ?

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From the adult application: 

No one may register in more than one position in the same unit, except the chartered organization representative (CR) (who can multiple only as the committee chairman (CC) or a committee member (MC)), and the parent coordinator (PC), who may multiple as chartered organization representative.


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So your options, I'm afraid, are either to go along to get along, or to move along to another troop.  Fightin' adult wars in a unit does nothin' but harm kids with collateral damage no matter who is "right".   If yeh can't sit back and accept da call, don't storm out and yell at the umpire.  Go find a different game.



As others have mentioned, the unit belongs to the charter organization. The COR is the liaison between the IH as head of the CO, and the troop. So the only person who can remove the COR/CC is the IH. Better have good reasons to do so and have a convincing  discussion.


From personal experience, IHs are reluctant to remove unit leaders unless forced to, i.e. Youth Protection reasons.


If a concerned parent or ASM wishes to engage council or district regarding the Chartered Organization Rep and Committee Chair who do they go to ? 


Unit commissioners may be able to help, but the professionals will say "It's a unit matter and it needs to be discussed with the (IH)." When I was a DE, we had some folks asking me to remove a CM. Long story short, this CM drove people away, both youth and adults. One of the parents/leaders asked for my assistance in the matter, and I was told to tell them the quote above, changing IH to COR/CC/IH. Eventually the COR/CC/IH was approached, knew exactly what was going on, knew the troop was suffering because of the pack's retention, and was unwilling to remove the CM!

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Thank you all for the comments. I've read each and every one a couple of times and tried to envision the outcomes around next steps.


@@SSScout, thank you especially for your comments 3, and 4 (training, and remember this is for the Boys). This helps put it into perspective.


My next steps are coffee or lunch with the DC, not for how to confront, but how to try and get some guidance or advice applied from the outside. Perhaps an outsider can open some eyes and ears and help close some mouths...


I'll give this three months and after school starts see if my Boys want to consider a new troop.


Thanks again all,


Yours in scouting

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