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OA Eagle Scout Ceremony

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""My son wants to have a ECOH with his buddy he went through scouts with when he Eagle's soon and have it less formal and more religious because that is just how he rolls. As long as he invites the people who helped him I am OK with that. My other son is in OA and I think an OA style would appeal to him as well.""


Well, there it is.   I like the idea of a multi-Scout CoH.  What a concept.  

One of the most memorable ECoH I ever attended was for three Scouts who grew up together in Scouting. They opted for a campout at one of the Scout's grandparents farm back woodlot.  Folks had to park and walk back several hundred yards to the site.  Held in the late fall,  there was a campfire for the hotdogs, folks brought the potatoe salad and three bean salad.  Candles, quiet crickets,  it was great.   After the ceremonial stuff, and the parents and relatives  and other folk had (finally!) gone home, just the die hard Troop Scout campers were left to sit around the campfire to share more stories.    


It can be done,  including  the old Scout friends, the proud relatives, the Troop to show the other Scouts "how it's done".   It can be meaningful, memorable, and short too. 


See you on the trail....

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my son is having his ECOH in a week and a half....part of it will be an OA ceremony (consisting of the team leading him to the stage and reading an OA ceremony script that includes the meaning of eagle, candle lighting, etc).  All other aspects of the ceremony are troop related, such as master of ceremony and honor guard/flag detail, etc.  In our troop, each ceremony is different based on the boy's wishes and they borrow bits and pieces from each one to make their own unique

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