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Our award scheme had a bit of a shake up last year and one of the trickier bits added to the Creative Challenge award was "show how to use social media in a safe and creative way". Doing that for the whole troop sounded a bit tricky till the PLs came up with the idea of producing training films for our new scouts on various useful things. It has proved quite fun! The first three (putting up a tent, lighting a fire, remembering the Scout Promise) are now ready and on our website here. They are not quite Steven Spielberg yet but given that other than a bit of assistance on editing from yours truly they were produced 100% by the kids themselves I am quite pleased with them.


Just thought I'd show them off a bit here!


They are planning future productions on packing a rucksack, putting up our heavy weight tents, using the various gas stoves we have plus we've got loads of material for a bloopers reel at some point.

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