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Frustrated with Daughter's leader

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... If I was a Muslim or Hindu ...

I get your point, or I would if I hadn't talked to a bunch of Muslims and a few Hindus and they sounded quite keen on sending their kids to Christian activities, schools, etc ...


It's a brand they trust.


Now my contacts are pretty fresh of the boat. Your mileage may vary if the discussion involves next generation Americans of minority faiths.

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Interesting update; today my daughter got a letter of support from the city Mayor for her project saying how it is needed and fits in the cities long term plan.  I can't wait for her leader to react t

Kinda hard to find a river anywhere where someone of any age isn't sucking down a brewski somewhere along the banks and to limit it to just college kids is a disservice to the young adults out there. 

No sweat Q, I hit the green to make it all even.

Interesting update; today my daughter got a letter of support from the city Mayor for her project saying how it is needed and fits in the cities long term plan.  I can't wait for her leader to react to that.....

When I was in Architecture School the Provost of the school treated me unfairly and made my life miserable. During my Master's project and thesis presentation I still had no idea I might pass. By luck of the draw my jury included the head of the City Council and the architecture critic of the Boston Globe. In the middle of my speech both started talking about what an excellent project it was and thanking the Architecture Dean for allowing me to pursue it. I realized no way in hell was he gonna screw me now and my blood pressure must have dropped 40 points. Provost sat there silent and fuming but I passed by unanimous decision.

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Interesting, from the Frontier Girls website:



I'm with @@mashmaster here, sounds a lot like the AHG to me. One is "Biblically based", the other is "Christ centered". Both say they are open to any girl that can follow the oath/promise and creed.


I don't see how you can be "Biblically based" yet be really open to all faiths and religions. When they say "all", are they really meaning "all flavors of Christian"? How does a Hindu girl fit into a Biblically based program? If I was a Muslim or Hindu I would be asking a lot of questions before allowing my daughter to join such a group. But after asking those questions, hopefully I would be pleasantly surprised.


From a quick glance at their website, it's hard to tell what their "traditional values" are. They say they don't like the current GSUSA program, but don't say what about it bothers them. Is it the lack of outdoor focus or the fact they don't condemn gays? Maybe the answers are on their website, I didn't spend that much time going through it.


The whole "we encourage interaction with other scouting organizations" bit sounds really interesting (especially the sharing of requirements part). Frontier Girls might turn out to be a good fit for cub packs that are looking for a way to get girls involved. Form a FG unit for the girls, and do joint activities (pack meetings, derbies, outings, etc.).

I think being Biblically based means exactly that. Their creed is based on the fruits of the spirit from the Bible, but it isn't a direct Bible verse. So, being biblically based and teaching love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control doesn't exclude Muslim girls or Jewish girls, or Buddhist girls. It just means that the program was written from the perspective of the Bible.


As far as sharing requirements with other scouting programs, it's working out really well for us. All of the leadership in our brand new troop are parents of female siblings of our Cub Scout pack, so that works out well for being able to use family campouts (just an example) to work on multiple badges for the girls and adventure belt loops for the boys.

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