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County VOA President

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Just when I thought my son had taken on as many roles and responsibilities in scouting as he could handle, he goes and accepts the nomination for Venturing Officers Association President.  Son, listen to me, if nobody else is taking the job, maybe there is a reason!  Anyway, that's what I was thinking when he told me how it went down.


Our VOA is weird, our county is split into two districts, neither of which had enough venture scouts to make a VOA viable (it is weak even combined), so they created the County VOA.  I really don't know much about it really, I'm going to leave him to his venturing world and try not to get too involved.


He seems really excited to do it, and is already working on his vision for the next year that he has to deliver at two different roundtables next month on the same night!  I just have a feeling that he has finally exceeded his capacity, but there's nothing like learning the hard way, and he may yet prove me wrong. 

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Two of my kids were VOA officers. It's a unique opportunity. Challenging, and rewarding.

It is on par with lodge chief. But, many of us know that can be good and bad.

For parents: brace yourself, hold your kid to his commitments, but also respect that he's added more adult leaders to his collection of mentors.

For youth: prioritize, please! Let the people in other organizations know you have this new responsibility, and your friends to step into whatever gaps that creates.

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I'm a former Council V Pres. I enjoyed it. It's a month to month job and by the time you are done - it goes by fast. Just go for consecutive good months of work. We had a good group - if it's a start up VOA - go slow and steady. Getting people in the room is a win, expand from there. Don't go too fast on the change.  You want to make sure that your gains continue after your term. Lean on your advisor and say no to too many opportunities! It's ok to say no sometimes. 

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