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Fund Raising pros and cons

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Im doing some research on my first reef tank and looking at the AIOs in my price range and narrowed it down to IM and JBJ. I found a few threads on the subject but theyre all a few years old. I wanted to see if anything changed. Im leaning toward the JBJ because I like the glass lid and the bent glass but Im not sure if these are pros or cons. Ive also heard the glass quality is not as clear as the IMs and has had failures due to the bent glass design. Is this still true? What are some of the other pros and cons of these tanks? It looks like C-Views will be out next month but I dont know if I want to wait.

 Think you may have put this on the wrong thread......

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My thought... confusion on the posting thread so I'll jump back to the top with the first post.  You should have a fundraiser specifically for this trip and not take it away from your charity fundraiser.  Not sure if they do bottles but here that month bottle fundraiser brings in a lot and for just half a days work once a month on Saturday.  Think about building up a 'troop campership' fund and keep it as a specific level annually.  As for scouts who don't have funds for the trip, they WILL do more than the average scout to help pay.  My son and I did that with me being a single parent.  Ask neighboring troops if your scouts can join in on some of their fundraiser yet have the dollars come to your troop for your scouts.  I've done that with christmas wreath sales and spring flowers.

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