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Has anyone put together a summary of all of the Den (rank) requirements which have to be done with the Pack - e.g. where they say you have present something at a Pack meeting?


I am getting ready to plan for next year and don't ant to reinvent the wheel figuring out what all the dens will need time for at Pack meetings.



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Here is the list I put together for the required adventures only:


Tigers in the Wild (Tiger):

5. Campfire skit


Call of the Wild (Wolf)

1. Camp out

2. Campfire skit


Council Fire (Wolf):

6c. Recyclables project for pack meeting


Howling at the Moon (Wolf):

3.-4. Campfire program


Bear Necessities (Bear):

1. Camp out

2. Campfire program


Grin and Bear it (Bear):

2-4. Cub Scout carnival


Stronger Faster Higher (Webelos):

5. Lead younger scouts in a fitness game


Camper (Arrow of Light):

4. Plan campfire program

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Unfortunately, the forum doesn't have a good mechanism for an attachment, so this will be long, but this is what I put together for my pack and for a cub scout roundtable on the subject.  These are organized by activity type not by adventures - thus easier for a pack leader to see what could be covered for different types of pack events.


Pack and Den Coordination for the New Cub Scout Adventure Program


Below are a list of Adventure Requirements that could or must be accomplished at pack events and that the Pack may wish to consider for coordinating between the Dens and the Packs.

Campout / Campfire

Tiger: “Tigers in the Wild†(required)

  • 5:    Participate in an outdoor pack meeting or pack campout campfire. Sing a song and act out a skit with your Tiger den as part of the program.

Wolf: “Call of the Wild†(required)

  • 1:    While a Wolf Scout, attend a pack or family campout.
  • 6:    On the campout, participate with your family or den in a campfire show. Prepare a skit or song based on one of your family’s favorite things to do outside, and then present it at the campfire for everyone else.

Wolf: “Howling at the Moon†(required)

  • 4:    Practice and perform your role for a pack campfire program.

Bear: “Bear Necessities†(required)

  • 1:    While working on your Bear badge, camp overnight with your pack. If your chartered organization does not permit Cub Scout camping, you may substitute a family campout or daylong outdoor activity with your den or pack.
  • 2:    Attend a campfire show, and participate by performing a song or skit with your den.
  • 5:    With your den, plan a cooked lunch or dinner that is nutritious and balanced. Make a shopping list, and help shop for the food. On a campout or at another outdoor event, help cook the meal and help clean up afterward.
  • 6:    Help your leader or another adult cook a different meal from the one you helped prepare for requirement 5. Cook this meal outdoors.
  • 7:    Help set up a tent. Pick a good spot for the tent, and explain to your den leader why you picked it.

Bear: “Bear Picnic Basket†(Elective)

  • 2b:  With the help of an adult, select one food item, and follow a recipe to prepare it outdoors for your family or den. Once you have eaten, ask everyone what they liked or didn’t like. Explain what you would do differently next time. Make notes on your recipe of changes you want to make so you will remember them the next time you cook. Clean up after the preparation and cooking.

Bear: “Roaring Laughter†(elective)

  • 6:    Practice at least two run-ons with your den, and perform them at a pack meeting or campfire program.

Webelos: “Cast Iron Chef†(required)

  • 4:    Prepare a balanced meal for your den or family; utilize one of the methods below for preparation of part of your meal: Camp stove, Dutch oven, Box oven, Solar oven, Open campfire or charcoal
  • 5:    Demonstrate an understanding of food safety practices while preparing the meal.

AOL: “Camper†(required)

  • 1:    With the help of your den leader or family, plan and conduct a campout.
  • 2:    On arrival at the campout, with your den and den leader or family, determine where to set up your tent. Demonstrate knowledge of what makes a good tent site and what makes a bad one. Set up your tent without help from an adult.
  • 4:    On a pack campout, work with your den leader or another adult to plan a campfire program with the other dens. Your campfire program should include an impressive opening, songs, skits, a Cubmaster’s minute, and an inspirational closing ceremony.

Webelos/AOL: “Castaway†(elective)

  • 1b:  On a campout with your den or family, cook two different recipes that do not require pots and pans.
Pack Meeting

Tiger: “Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries†(Elective)

  • 3:    With your den or with your family, put on a magic show for an audience.

Tiger: “Good Knights†(elective)

  • 3:    Using recycled materials, design and build a small castle with your adult partner to display at the pack meeting.

Bear: “Grin and Bear It†(required)

  • 2:    Working with the members of your den, organize a Cub Scout carnival and lead it at your pack meeting.
  • 3:    Help younger Cub Scouts take part in one of the events at the Cub Scout carnival.

Bear: “Roaring Laughter†(elective)

  • 6:    Practice at least two run-ons with your den, and perform them at a pack meeting or campfire program.

Webelos: “Stronger, Faster, Higher†(required)

  • 5:    With adult guidance, lead younger Scouts in a fitness game or games as a gathering activity for a pack or den meeting.

Webelos/AOL: “Art Explosion†(elective)

  • 4a:  Create a hard-copy or digital portfolio of your projects. Share it with your family and members of your den or pack.
  • 4b:  Display your artwork in a pack, school, or community art show.

Webelos/AOL: “Castaway†(elective)

  • Teach your game to the members of your pack or other Scouts.

Webelos/AOL: “Engineer†(elective)

  • 2c:  Share your project with your Webelos den and your pack by displaying the project at a pack meeting.

Webelos/AOL: “Maestro!†(elective)

  • 2a:  Make a musical instrument. Play it for your family, den, or pack.
  • 2b:  Form a “band†with your den. Each member creates his own homemade musical instrument. Perform for your pack at a pack meeting.
  • 3a:  Teach your den the words and melody of a song. Perform the song with your den at your den or pack meeting.
  • 3b:  Create original words for a song. Perform it at your den or pack meeting.
  • 3c:  Collaborate with your den to compose a den theme song. Perform it at your pack meeting.
  • 3d:  Write a song with words and music that expresses your feelings about an issue, a person, something you are learning, a point of the Scout Law, etc. Perform it at your den or pack meeting, alone or with a group.
  • 3e:  Perform a musical number by yourself or with your Webelos den in front of an audience.

Webelos/AOL: “Moviemakingâ€

  • 3:    Share your movie with your family, den, or pack.
Committee Meeting

Wolf: “Council Fire†(required)

  • 3a:  Attend the pack committee leaders’ meeting. Present ideas to the pack committee regarding your service project.

Tiger: “Tigers in the Wild†(Required)

  • 2:    Go for a short hike with your den or family, and carry your own gear. Show you know how to get ready for this hike.
  • 3c:  Apply the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles for Kids on your Tiger den and pack outings. After one outing, list the things you did to demonstrate the principles you discussed.
  • 4:    While on the hike, find three different kinds of plants, animals, or signs that animals have been on the trail. List what you saw in your Tiger handbook.
  • 6:    Find two different trees and two different types of plants that grow in your area. Write down their names in your Tiger handbook.

Wolf: “Paws on the Path†(required)

  • 6:    Go on a 1-mile hike with your den or family. Watch and record two interesting things that you’ve never seen before.

Wolf: “Finding Your Way†(elective)

  • 5:    Using a map and compass, go on a hike with your den or family.

Bear: “Fur, Feathers, and Ferns†(required)

  • 1:    While hiking or walking for one mile, identify six signs that any animals, birds, insects, reptiles, or plants are living nearby the place where you choose to hike.
  • 4:    Observe wildlife from a distance. Describe what you saw.

Webelos: “Webelos Walkabout†(required)

  • 4:    Before your hike, plan and prepare a nutritious lunch. Enjoy it on your hike, and clean up afterward.
  • 6:    With your Webelos den or with a family member, hike three miles (in the country if possible).
  • 8:    Perform one of the following leadership roles during your hike: trail leader, first-aid leader, lunch leader, or service project leader.

Webelos/AOL: “Earth Rocks!†(elective)

  • 2:    Look for different kinds of rocks or minerals while on a rock hunt with your family or your den.
Service Project(s)

Tiger: “Earning your Stripes†(elective)

  • 6:    With your adult partner and den work on a service project for your pack’s meeting place or chartered organization.

Tiger: “Good Knights†(elective)

  • 5:    Participate in a Service Project

Wolf: “Council Fire†(required)

  • 3b:  Work together on a community service project.

Bear: “Paws for Action†(required)

  • 3b:  Do a cleanup project that benefits your community.

Webelos: “Webelos Walkabout†(required)

  • 7:    Complete a service project on or near the hike location.

AOL: “Building a Better World†(required)

  • 8:    With the assistance of your den leader or parent, participate in an event that would help lead others in recycling and conserving resources.

Webelos/AOL: “Aware and Care†(elective)

  • 7g:  Participate in a service project that focuses on a specific disability.

Tiger: “Floats and Boats†(Elective)

  • 7:    Show how to enter the water safely, blow your breath out under the water, and do a prone glide.

Wolf: “Spirit of the Water†(Elective)

  • 6:    Visit a local pool or public swimming area with your family or Wolf den. With qualified supervision, jump into water that is at least chest-high, and swim 25 feet or more.

Webelos/AOL: “Aquanaut†(Elective)

  • 5:    Attempt the BSA swimmer test.
  • 9:    Demonstrate how to correctly fasten a lifejacket that is the right size for you. Jump into water over your head. Show how the lifejacket keeps your head above water by swimming 25 feet. Get out of the water, remove the lifejacket and hang it where it will dry.
Other Events

Wolf: “Air of the Wolf†(Elective)

  • 4:    If your den or your pack has a kite derby, space derby or rain-gutter regatta, participate in the fun. Or build a kite or rain-gutter regatta boat with your family. Explain how air helps the vehicle move.

Webelos/AOL: “Into the Wild†(Elective)

  • 9a:  Visit a museum of natural history, a nature center, or a zoo with your family, Webelos den, or pack. Tell what you saw.
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