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Honorary Scouts? Honorary Eagles?

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An interesting article hear about "Honorary Scouts": https://www.scoutstuff.org/media/content/docs/pdfs/BePrepared_Vol_7_No_3.pdf



In 1928 the BSA national council established a new recognition – Honorary Scout. James West explained it this way:

Honorary Scouts
“American citizens whose achievement in outdoor activity, exploration and worthwhile adventure are of such an exceptional character as to capture the imagination and stimulate their enthusiasm for the outdoor program of the Boy Scouts of America.â€

Eighteen men were selected as the first Honorary Scouts, including aviation pioneers Charles Lindbergh and Orville Wright.

Roy Chapman Andrews
Captain Bob Bartlett
Frederick R. Burnham
Richard E. Byrd
George K. Cherry
James L. Clark
Merion Cooper
Lincoln Ellsworth
Louis Fuertes
George Bird Grinnell
Donald McMillan
Clifford H. Pope
George Palmer Putnam
Kermit Roosevelt
Karl Rungius
Stewart Edward White
Orville Wright
Charles Lindbergh

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  1. In 1927, the BSA created Honorary Scouts to distinguish “American citizens whose achievements in outdoor activity, exploration, and worthwhile adventure are of such an exceptional character as to capture the imagination of boys.†Among the Honorary Scouts were Orville Wright and Charles Lindbergh. 


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I found this website about adult eagle scouts. I thought that practice ended in the 50's but apparently not if this information is correct





I think the BSA has awarded a few to adults recently but it was for men who were close to getting eagle during their youth but failed for some reason. I don't recall hearing of an adult working the ranks to Eagle like they did long ago.

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A couple of things we do here in he UK that you might want to consider


First we have the "Thanks" badge. It is an official badge made to be presented to non members for doing something for scouting. It's quite rare to be awarded and it's a local decision whether to do so. The only time I awarded it was when I was on the management team for our local centenary camp in 2007. Cubs and beavers were meant to have central catering. The caterer (who was feeding over 400 people) pulled out at 3 days notice. The mums of 2 of my cubs ran a school catering business and stepped into the breach and did it all at cost. They were formally presented with it.


We also have the "birthday honours" each August. To be honest this is more of a PR stunt with prominent individuals given scout badges to make their achievements. Recipients include Jessica Eniss-Hill getting the athletes badge after getting a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics, Arch Bishop of York got My Faith and the band Scouting for Girls got musician. To be honest while it's a good PR stunt I would like to see it made a bit less gimiky in the way it's done.


On a totally unofficial note I once had my pocket picked and my wallet stolen on the London Underground. I was bailed out by a woman who turned out to be a doctor who leant me the money for my train ticket home and something to eat. When I sent her the money back I included a scouts Emergency Aid badge which she framed and hung on her surgery wall. Turned out she had a son who was a cub at the time!

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