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An early leaflet (1910-1911?) - anyone has seen the same one?

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I am afraid that I can do anything more... possibly, if could be helpful anyhow, I can make some bigger scans (in higher resolution)... will be glad even to send this card to the right address, if someone would like to investigate.


I just planned to frame it and place it on the wall with other prints / paintings / photos I have.


@ Tahawk... this could be easily some kind of promo piece... that is even more possible than this is some kind of notebook cover.. because any kind of handbook or instructions will have some title on the front cover. Also, from that time, even notebooks have had a title "Notebook" on the cover + usually some kind of reference number.


Is your promo piece also printed on the cardboard or on the ordinary paper?

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David Scott has been a regular contributor here for many years.  We've missed him recently.

I see that we have a debate going..yes that was me. I'm not writing anything currently but published a best-selling book on a century of BSA heroism last year for Michael S. Malone titled Running Towa

I am unable to date this old leaflet... I suppose that is from the very early years, because on the back side is specified the date (February, 10th) which makes me think that later only the year (1910

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