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My husband and I just signed up for wood badge in April. We have been told we will be in different patrols. A district member last night told me that we would probably be at each others throats (jokingly) by the end of it. He explained that there are "competitions" of sorts. Im a very competitive person, so I was wondering, what do I need to be prepared for? What should I learn before I go, to give me a leg up on my husband? He was a Boy Scout, so I feel I am at a disadvantage, but at the same time, I have been an outdoor person for a long time. 


Just looking for hints :) 

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Well, being an old crow, there are too few of us to only make friends within our patrol!

There aren't that many competitions, but the main one is there to challenge our priorities. Some folks hate it. A few folks are indifferent, and some find it insightful.


But, I don't know, I can see it being just as divisive among folks within a patrol as between patrols.


Anyway, here's the big picture. It's not just about games. It's about time management. Different patrols operate on different schedules as they meet between course dates. You need to allow for that. Your gonna prepare different menus and maybe even different styles of camping for the second weekend and have different material to present, and obviously that means gear that you two normally share may need to be divided.


Then you are going to write different tickets with different goals to achieve in the following 18 months. That means time where you both might be doing different things. Sometimes that's very good. You'll complement one another. Sometimes that may result in more time apart than planned. Frankly, I would encourage you each to have one of the goals on your ticket be something like "take your spouse out to dinner and talk about each others goals and aspirations".


Now, zooming out to the big big picture: scouting couples are awesome ... but only as long as scouting does not replace the marriage. I have had friends on the brink of divorce because of that "missed memo." Fortunately I had a mutual friend whom we could agree upon to counsel them, and he called me to understand what was ailing before they all met (as if I knew much more than superficial stuff). But, that blessing is not available (and on a person's mind) when it needs to be to everyone who needs it.


All that to say WB -- and scouting in general -- is a great opportunity to do your marriage a solid. All depends on how much you wanna practice graciousness and humility.

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I see the  "competition" is of three  kinds.   There are "games", used to teach and make you think.   The prize here is more self awareness than anything else.  The second kind is more of an exhibit of what old time Scouters would call "Scout Spirit".  How loud can your Patrol do it's  cheer/call?   How much good natured groaning can you evoke in the other Patrols? And why would any flies settle on anybody's table, really?    The third kind is to demonstrate how Patrol competitions (the "gang")  can lead to learning skills, cooperation  and confidence.

I would agree with Q's advice and...  Come with an open mind, and an expectation to enjoy yourself.  Bring extra rope, duct tape and a silly hat.   And aluminum foil.  And read everything they give you. 

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 Bring extra rope, duct tape and ... aluminum foil.  And read everything they give you. 

The aluminum foil is the for the tinfoil hat everyone is wearing by the end.


Sorry, couldn't pass it up, a slow pitch softball with no arc.


I love my fellow Woodbadgers, but despite WB not because of it.

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