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The wonderful thing about my program (Cub Scouts) is the adventure began as a Tiger!  We do all things Boy Scout like except obviously the High Adventure and shooting sports.  Other than that, they have braved 28 degree weather and by the time they get to me the Square Knot is down and we are working on Timber Hitch, 2 Half Hitch and Taut Line.   

Now he will get to learn the Patrol Method, he has been sent to the appropriate troop for that, unfortunately my Troop isn't there yet.

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Thanks Guys, I am super excited for him and he is excited as well.  The troop he's heading to it top notch in this area, I actually drive him to another State lol.  We live right outside of Memphis, TN in Arkansas its only a 15 min drive so its fine haha. 

In a couple of weeks they are heading to Hardy Ar for Pioneering, this will be his first campout with the new unit.

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