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Council Specific Awards

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This thread was spun from another thread.Many councils have awards specific to their councils. Then there are councils that see an award given out by other councils and decide to have a similar award. But the local council decides the requirements. They can be high adventure, winter camping, specific historical or special interest trails (not the national award) and any other that the council or its volunteers may think of.

What does your council have? Also brief summery of the requirements. We may find one that might fit in our area.

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It is very common in the far West here for councils to offer various "high adventure" awards. The regional office used to compile these in a publication one could purchase. I don't know if they still do that. The link below is to our council's web site description of a new award of this nature. I don't know anybody who has done any of this yet for this particular award.




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We as a Council do not have any awards other then the Silver Beaver.

At our recognition dinner each unit is asked to select a MVP. The Commissioner Staff are selecting a commissioner for some sort of best of award. I don't know what name it has.

There is 3 $1000.00 saving bonds that all Eagle Scouts can earn though a essay competition.

Our district selects one person each year for a James E. West. Normally an old timer who has been around serving for a long time. We take the money out of a golf outing. One district has a Spark Plug Award. I have no idea how that works.


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