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Advancement Ceremony for Multiple Ranks

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Looks like all of our Dens are going to be ready to receive their rank badges at the April pack meeting. Rather do a series of small ceremonies for the Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos 1s all in a row - I am trying to find a good idea for how to do one ceremony at the same time for all.


I am picturing having everyone stand in a circle - with their parents behind them in another circle - or something like that.


Anyone have an idea or something to share?




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The packs that I have been involved in usually did their pack awards all at the pack meetings with the bulk of them done during the Blue & Gold Banquets.  Pretty much a hurried up, process that didn't do much ceremony other than handing out patches.  I remember when I was on the Pack committee and did the awards, in 1990 for the pack the total expense for the awards handed out at Blue & Gold was over $800.  That's a lot of patches and pins and a real headache for a process that lasted maybe 30 minutes at best.

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Prior to the new requirements, when the majority, but not all, of the scouts were able to complete they rank awards by Blue and Gold; we held a themed ceremony that matched the Blue and gold theme.

When we had a pirate theme, they walked a plank - jumping off into the unknown,

When we had a Lego theme, they each took a (quatro - oversized lego) brick and built up a sturdy wall as they crossed the stage.

When we had a spy theme, the scouts were all graduating spy school and received a dossier (that also included their ranks).


Under the new program, we are planning to hold more of a court of honor, since ranks would not be done at the B&G.

This does not, have to be a dry affair.  Choose a theme, and then build a fun ceremony the Scouts will remember around that theme.

There are a lot of on-line resources available for "meaningful ceremonies" as well, in fact, I'm taking that class this weekend at our University of Scouting. :) (never too old to learn new ideas)


The real key is to individually recognize each Scout's achievement, call out their names.  If you are smart, you also plan for the Scouts' parents to take a photo as their child receives the award.


Do not confuse this plan with making the Scouts wait for award ceremony to get the ranks.  If they complete early, they get the award early, at a separately themed (to match the pack meeting) ceremony.  They will then be re-recognized at the larger awards ceremony.  Likewise scouts who do not complete, still got to do the march, and instead received an "almost there, good job and keep it up" type award.


And welcome to the forum, thank you for what you do for our Scouts.

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I've done a few ceremonies for all the ranks. I usually pick a theme and then build around it. I did one like you suggest where everyone stood in a circle. The ceremony goes pretty fast because there is no wait for the scouts to walk up to the CM. We use the American Indian theme and I had the scouts cheer, stomp, and clap with the announcement of each scout's name. I can't remember the cheers because that was over 20 years ago, but it was something like "Pride of the wolf!" and "Courage of the Bear!. Or something like that. We had a American Indian parent who after all the awards were given, showed us how to do a real Indian dance and the led everyone in the around the room doing the dance. Even the parents commented how much they enjoyed the ceremony. 


Really all you need to do is pick a simple theme and build around it. Just keep in mind the more the scouts are moving their feet and hands and the louder they  yell, the more fun they are having. Parents and siblings too. 



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I had a lot of success with a knighting ceremony.  The Webelos kneeled before me, and I said: "I dub thee, Webelos!" and I touched his right shoulder and then his left shoulder with a sword.  You could do that with a whole bunch of kids and just dub them to their different badges of rank.

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