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Newest update to the forum!!....a chatroom???

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This is just an idea I have came up with, but what if the forum's next update would be a chatroom? What do you think? Would you like it or would you hate it? We all know there is a chatroom at MSN, but one here would be awesome. Post your opinions here, but please everyone, if you don't like someone's opinion, keep it to yourself.


Asking SCOUTER-Terry right now about this idea :)

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The latest feature allows a person to post their displeasure automatically with the thumbs up/down.

It doesn't sound so harsh and it is quicker.


I haven't really used a chat room before. The one I saw had quick posts that just scrolled before your eyes.


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You do it here, dont you FOG? Chat rooms are cool (and the only one I've been in was at groups.msn.com/boyscouts:))


I dont know if I like the idea too much. Part of it being that Buckeye over there has done a good job trying to build it up and such. I mean, hey, having one here though may bring more people to the conversations

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