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Interesting question and I would say it probably depends upon the context.


Say you came here to the UK the answer  would vary.


Can you wear it as part of your uniform? - There isn't anything specific in our rules that says either way but I think it would be a total jobsworth of a commissioner of any sort that told you you couldn't.


Would you be considered to have done all your leader training? - It would depend on what the nature of your training and experience is. All our leader training can, at least in theory, be passed by "prior learning", ie if you can demonstrate that you have done it outside of scouting then as long as your local training manager is satisfied then you get ticked off. For example I am a first aider where I work and the qualification I do for that every 3 years is considered fine to pass our leaders first aid module.


I'm guessing that the rules in other countries will vary.


Certainly any other country would recognise your woodbadge in terms of it marking you out as a fully trained leader from where you have come from.

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There's some question as to whether or not the "old" WB and the "new" WB carry the same weight in America.  I do know that in our council the "old" WB guys are not considered for such things as leadership on Jambo contingents, etc.  I have been told many times that if I take the course over again, those options would be opened to me.


Maybe other countries aren't as ______ as they are here in the US.

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I know certain Scout Ranks are equivalent , nation to nation,  but I cannot quote you the rules for it.  WOSM might be able to give authoritative opinion.


There are lots of WB Facebook pages with international members sharing pictures and lore.  

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As I recall, WOSM regulates Wood Badge:


Go to this website at the World Organization of Scouting Movements, WOSM's Wood Badge Framework.


Then, read this, also from WOSM.  Note that it is not a curriculum, it is a guide to pedagogy for course developers in the National Scout Organizations.


EDIT TO ADD:  I've attached the pdf, but I had to strip the cover to keep it in the 2MB per file limit of scouter.com.2Wood Badge Framwork.pdf

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I think:


The B,.S.A. regulates Wood Badge in B.S.A. Scouting.


W.O.S.M. says that the W.O.S.M. "framework" "...  is neither a training programme nor a single approach proposed to all National Scout Organizations members. It is first of all a framework of references and principles shared within WOSM and which are recommended for adoption. It includes the terms and key themes that need to consider while organizing a “Wood Badge†training system in National Scout Organisations."



W.O.S.M. also says: "The national level is responsible for: 

• Assessment of needs,

• Design content and tools,

• Development of the offers and structures

• The implementation of the “Wood Badge†trainings,

• The evaluation of the trainings content, systems, structures, learners and its impact on the quality of Scouting,

• Validation of the learning during the training and the handing-over of the “Wood Badge†like signs of recognition of these learning,

• Communicate to the World Scout Bureau, the national “Wood Badge†framework as well as any amendment or updating.

• The management of the holders’ file of the “Wood Badge†of its organization."


In addition, "[e]ach National Scout Organization is responsible of the procedures for awarding the Wood Badge, and the rules for use of these items. The World Scout Bureau proposes to the National Scout Organizations a single model certificate titled: “Leaders Training - Wood Badgeâ€. This unique certificate has the advantage to enhance the sense of belonging to a single Movement."


In a foreign country, your beads signify that you have completed the highest level of adult leadership training that is offered by your national Scout organization.




To compare:


Scouts Canada eLearning
Every Scouter is required to complete Wood Badge training within their first year as a volunteer, and eLearning makes it convenient and easy to gain the knowledge you need to plan and deliver a quality Scouting program.
Wood Badge training will require approximately 5-6 hours to complete, but the benefits will extend throughout your Scouting years. You’ll gain the skills you need to support competent and confident section leadership – a key enabler of safe, high quality programs. You’ll gain tips on how to perform as a Scouter more efficiently, saving you time and effort in the long run. In essence, Wood Badge Training will transfer the knowledge you need to provide the best possible experiences for Scouting youth – core to delivering on our Brand Promise to our members, their parents, and the Canadian public. 
One final benefit of eLearning, of course, is that you can complete it anywhere, any time, and at your own pace.
The David Huestis Learning Centre, Scouts Canada’s eLearning platform, is fully integrated with myscouts.ca.
To access the David Huestis Learning Centre:
  • Login to myscouts.ca
  • Select Training in the myscouts menu; and
  • Select the “David Huestis Learning Centre†button from the top of the left sidebar me.
If you have the previous eLearning pages bookmarked, please ensure to update those bookmarks now to myscouts.ca
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