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Which Shoulder Loops?

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Red is still allowed, but the program has officially transitioned to the forest green epaulets, so the red ones are on the same level as wearing a heritage uniform - they are perfectly acceptable, but are now part of a "historical" uniform, and are not current. The same with the hat, belt, socks, etc. - all are now transitioned to the Centennial Uniform's forest green, but the red effects can still be worn if it is done consistently and neatly (looking sharp is more important than matching colors :rolleyes:).


I personally think the green is far superior to the red, but of course that is all personal preference. The old De la Renta uniforms were much too colorful for me when I was a Boy Scout; I like the sleeker uniformity of the forest green we use now. When I was a kid I always felt like a bag of skittles ready to suffer some epileptic fit, what with all the colors and varieties on the patches and badges in every imaginable shade and hue.  :blink:

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I like the heritage uniform, I've already paid for it and don't need to go out and buy any more....and I don't smoke so I don't need the extra pocket.

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