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Bear Repellent Recommendation

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My kid brother is immune to pepper spray. 


During a training session one of the instructors came up behind him and sprayed pepper spray behind his face mask and he thought the guy was trying to screw up his vision by spraying water on his mask.


After that he was the guy responsible to stand in the middle of the riot and spray 360o's.  He thought it was a pretty easy job when the rest had real work to do. 

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Nothing like startling a 8ft 900lbs grizzly with an air horn. 


But if some kid was playing around with it in the middle of the night and it went off, there'd be a lot of sleeping bags needing cleaning in the morning. 

Yah, hmmm....


One wonders what happened to the "respect wildlife" part of Leave No Trace, eh?


I don't reckon it's necessary for everyone to start shoutin' and wavin' when they happen to come across one of our ursine brethren.  Just relax and give the bear some respectful space the way yeh want the bear to relax and give you some respectful space.


I'm always amused by da notion of smelly ground monkeys trying to run away from a bear.  Bears are fast.  Faster than smelly ground-monkey children.  Way faster than somewhat overweight ground-monkey adults.  :)



Absolutely right! Black Bears are passive animals, for the most part.  They are only interested in two things:  1. Food, and 2. Protecting their cub(s) if they are so accompanied.  Official postings in National Parks offer the best advice.  Any other questions?  Ask a Park Ranger! They LOVE answering questions! (seriously!)  They'll ramble on all day if you let 'em! :)  But yes, they are VERY knowledgeable about the area they serve, and usually other parks as well! Just ask!


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 One thing the notice didn't mention.... while walking in the woods, make noise, whistle, sing, talk loudly.  Some people carry small bells or put them on their shoes to make noise.  Yes, it scares away the wildlife.  If one wishes to view wildlife, sit quietly and observe, don't walk around.  If one is walking make noise, the last thing one wants to do is come across a bear and startle it.  Give it fair warning and like everything else it will move off out of the way.

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