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Have to ask why.

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We sell flower flats for $20 and take $8 profit. Cheaper and better than DIY stores and we deliver. Far better bargain!

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Buy a package of Oreo or Oreo cookies or the Oreo cookies with the mint filling......


Buy a package of Chocolate chips, any semi sweet, any brand or just the blocks of semi sweet will work too..


Melt chocolate chips, put a splash of mint extract in the chocolate.


Stir well,


Open all the oreo cookies and scrape out the middle (optional)


Dip in chocolate and put on wax paper.  Try not to eat them all before they have a chance to cool.


If one doesn't take them apart and dunks them in chocolate they are known as fat mints instead.


For those who are REALLY CHEAP-SKATES, use Ritz crackers instead of Oreos, they go very well with milk as well.




Semi sweet chocolates chips, coconut and evaporated milk does up Mounds bars really well.


Milk chocolate chips, coconut, evaporated milk and a bag of almonds does up the Almond Joys.... :)


All my recipes are from the Walmart knockoff suppliers in China, but you can make them right here in the good old US of A....cue the Sousa March music, please!

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